Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this cool new offering at The Wonderground Gallery. My fellow sketch artist @amberbouley blasted this news out earlier this week but I thought it worth mentioning again. Right now we only have a small selection of offerings but will be adding more soon as well as a bunch of new things coming down the pipe. You can also find these beauty’s at our sister gallery, Disneyana, created in a different style but just as awesome! Hope your all having a great Sunday. #art #wondergroundgallery #disneyana #sketches #artwork #beautyandthebeast #belle #beast #tangled #flynnrider #rapunzel #copicmarkers #disney #animation #sketchartist #downtowndisney

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Unfortunately my wife won’t be able to attend all of Wondercon with me this year….BUT! I just registered for our San Diego ComicCon tickets and she will be joining me for 4 days of that #nerd life!! This will be the first year she gets to come and the first year I’ve scored a complimentary badge, I am super excited to be bringing her along, can not wait! #nerdlife #comiccon #comiccon2017 #sandiegocomiccon

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This amazing art was created by an amazing artist named Bernie Wrightson and I just found out that he’s passed away. I never got the chance to meet Mr Wrightson, I probably would have stumbled with my words if I had and the reason for that is because he’s one of the reasons I got into art. Seeing something like this inspired me to try to draw, I wanted to be a Bernie clone! It never happened, I never developed the patience or talent but I’m still trying, if you get the opportunity? Tell your heroes you appreciate them and thank them for what they do because it becomes fuel for you and others. #berniewrightson #artist #sadnews #illustrator #comicbookartist #inspiration #passedaway #rip

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