First off, let me say that life is good but sometimes you get a Charlie Brown moment. Ok, this morning I discovered my car had been broken into and a lot of my art (sketchbooks and backpack) were stolen. Not all but some essential art and art supplies are gone, my latest official sketch cards for Topps…gone. I don’t expect to get any of it back and while I feel terrible, it’s not the end of the world. That being said, I do feel pretty violated, someone out there who doesn’t value my work, now has my work. My copicmultiliners, which I’ve had for years, gone, developing ideas for art, gone. I went through all the feelings of rage and helplessness and I’m now taking a day for myself to recoup and strategies about what’s next…post #2 coming. #life #stolenart #theivery #violation #charliebrown #frustrated #arttheft #stolen #sketchart #angry #disappointed

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