Soooo, I did a thing, a base card for Star Wars Galaxy. The first Star Wars movie I got to watch (in a drive-in) was Empire Strikes Back. I’m 5, I haven’t watched New Hope but it doesn’t matter, I’m ALL IN! I didn’t know it at the time, but I was watching artistic imagination fuel. I would go on to consume all sci-fy, horror, fantasy and it was all fuel. Cut to, I’m in junior high and I become friends with two incredibly talented artists (more fuel) and I decided to try my hand at art. Comic books come into my life at this time and it was all downhill from there, lol. The path from 5 to 40-ish professional artist has been a strange, confusing, exciting, uplifting journey. So here I am, I’ve created my first (final approval pending) “base card” the process for this was nerve wracking and fun and I can’t wait to show you guys the final completed piece. This gig put me in the company of artists who’s pencils I’m not worthy of sharpening, yet here I am. Thanks for taking this art journey with me. More art, more Star Wars, more fuel coming soon. #starwars #lucasfilm #topps #kyloren #rey #lukeskywalker #art #collectible #artwork #mixedmedia #copicmarkers #colorpencil #acrylicpainting #airbrush #agalaxyfarfaraway #artprogress #rendering #jedi #jedimaster #sith #jakku #tatooine #starwarsgalaxy #starwarsart #workinprogress #longpost

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