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Day 13 belongs to Ursula, sea witch, misunderstood keeper of souls. Happy Saturday all, hope your

Sea Witch

Daft Punk

More figure study’s for that Weeknd project. Good morning everyone 😊

The Weeknd

Ahh, you know, just figuring out The Weeknd, how bout you guys? One of the harder commissions I’ve had, I’m not even going to show you all of the sketches that sucked worse than these. Pity party aside the challenge has been good, the clients going to get everything, I want The Weeknd out of my life, lol. More to come

Warm ups from the Wonderground. Playing around with face shapes today. Happy Friday all.

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Commissioned sketch cover that pretty much describes my 3 days of Wondercon so far, beat up but feeling fine! People have been amazing! Thank you to all my peeps for stopping by.

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Sooo, Marc Guggenheim, creator of Arrow stopped by and commissioned me for a sketch. He gave me a choice between Arrow and Agent Carter, I went with Peggy and there’s a very good reason for that. Thank you @marcguggenheim for the chat and letting me sketch something for you. This Con has been awesome so far.

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Sprite catcher.

At the doctors today (nothing serious and not me) so I decided to sketch a Sprite/fairy catcher, once captured he sells them at the local markets so folks can light there homes. Another wip in my creature sketchbook.

Pirate Oger

Doodling shapes, an oger? A pirate? A pirate oger?…..maybe. Hope your all having a fine Sunday.

Wendy Darling

Guests often ask me what my favorite character is to work on and I’ve always answered, the characters from Peter Pan. We have a ton of great templates and characters but Wendy, Tink, Peter and the rest of the gang are my jam 😊