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Day 13 belongs to Ursula, sea witch, misunderstood keeper of souls. Happy Saturday all, hope your

Sea Witch

Day 4 belongs to Maleficent. The inky celebration continues.

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Day 3 of inktober belongs to Jack.

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Dream, also known as Morpheus from The Sandman for day 2, happy inktober everyone.

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Oh, hi inktober let’s get this art celebration started with a little ZOOM! Happy inktober everyone, looking forward to all of the inky art goodness this month πŸ˜Š

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Just running a quick test of my ifttt app, nothing to see here, move along πŸ˜‰

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Just walking with the dead this morning, celebrating life.

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Thank you Carrie.

Carrie Fisher


Well, if you gotta be in the office on Christmas Day? Not a bad office to be at. Hope your all having a wonderful Christmas.

Sprite catcher.

At the doctors today (nothing serious and not me) so I decided to sketch a Sprite/fairy catcher, once captured he sells them at the local markets so folks can light there homes. Another wip in my creature sketchbook.

Chirutt Imwe

I’ve tried to stay away from spoilers but everything I’ve come across by accident report that Donnie Yen and Alan Tudyk kill it!! It’s a very good time for Star Wars fans. Rogue One sketch card made for Topps/Lucasfilm

Pirate Oger

Doodling shapes, an oger? A pirate? A pirate oger?…..maybe. Hope your all having a fine Sunday.