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Friday’s warm up is a Black Widow who’s not buying what your selling. Happy Friday all 😉 . . . .

No draw it in your style prompt today, decided to do my own thing and draw a faun-girl as a warm up 😊 . . . .

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I never join these but I love Pernille Orum art and couldn’t resist. I thought this would be a fun warm up. Happy Tuesday to you all from the Wonderground Gallery 🥰 . . . .

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Lunch time doodling in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook. Still chipping away and adding details and complexity. Happy Friday to you all 😊

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A rough, or a wip if you will 😊

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Day 13 belongs to Ursula, sea witch, misunderstood keeper of souls. Happy Saturday all, hope your

Sea Witch

Day 3 of inktober belongs to Jack.

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