YEEEEEEESSSSSS!! The right thing has been done and the universe is in balance. Thank you Disney & Marvel Studios good to see the family back together. My little art contribution celebrating the return of James Gunn to Marvel. A happy Friday to you ALL!!πŸ€—. . . . .

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Happy Thor’s day to you all on this fine Friday 😜 . . . .

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A little sneak peak of more mini paintings for Wondercon. Hope your all having a great Monday 😊. . . . .

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Really liked the way this little Storm sketch turned out so I’m taking it a little further. Happy Friday all. . . . . .

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A couple of adjustments and a little more color and this Avenger will be complete 😊 goodnight everyone. . . . .

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Laid down base colors tonight, soon I’ll get into the joys of detail rendering and building colors to make things pop. Good night all. . . . .

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A quick little Doctor Strange doodle, good night all 😊 . . . .

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