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Absolutely crushed to hear the news of Stan’s passing. Sorry for the long rant but here we go. Long before I knew who Stan Lee was? He unknowingly had become fuel for a young aspiring artist. It would be years before my 12 year old self would come to learn the history of the man and his collaborators who were responsible for my favorite characters. All of those funny books were filled with wonder, spectacle and heart but more importantly it was all artistic fuel. Years later I got to see Stan in person a few times, though I never formally met him, it was enough to see him smiling, and soaking up the love he received. The personal impact this man made on my life is significant, thank you Stan, rest in power, you’ve more than earned it. #stanlee #stantheman #marvel #creator #artisticfuel #powerhouse #artist #mcu #thankyou #youwillbemissed #writer #ambassador #legend

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Day 13 belongs to Ursula, sea witch, misunderstood keeper of souls. Happy Saturday all, hope your

Sea Witch

The quickest of Inktobers and an idea worth reworking. Another Greek monster for this

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If your hair is made up of living snakes? Yuh ah monster! Day 11 belongs to MEDUSA.

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Good morning fellow Inktoberists (not a real word), who’s idea was it to draw complex monsters again? Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes!

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Of course Wednesday on Wednesday, finally all caught up. Day 10 belongs to the most vicious Addam.

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Still playing catch up. Day 9 belongs to Grandmama Addams, can you guess who day 10 belongs to, lol.

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Still playing catch-up, but that’s OK. Day 8 belongs to Pugsley Addams.

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“We’re in the end game now” that’s right Doctor Strange, it’s all about that Inktober catch up. Day 7 belongs to creepy, sweet Uncle Fester.

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Day 6 belongs to the debonair Gomez and the always helpful Thing, a two for one inktober sketch.

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Prepping my Inktober entry during lunch. What a lovely day to draw some creepy fun ghouls. Happy Saturday all.

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Ahhh, back on track with the inky goodness. Day 5 belongs to my favorite creepy goth mother, Morticia Addams. #inktober #sketch #morticiaaddams #addamsfamily #ink #doodle #copicmarkers #copicmultiliner #stillmanandbirn #sketchartist #witch #inktober2018 #goth #fromtheaivault

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