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Some Wondercon display prep recipe, seems right that it be in my kitchen, lol. Very much looking forward to seeing you guys there 😊 . . . .

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Sketchy shenanigans going on during lunch. Happy Sunday to you all 😊 . . . .

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20 min well spent. . . . .

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Lots of prep, lots of fires being stoked getting ready for Wondercon, can not wait!! . . . .

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Welcome home X-Men, welcome home 🙌 . . . .

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YEEEEEEESSSSSS!! The right thing has been done and the universe is in balance. Thank you Disney & Marvel Studios good to see the family back together. My little art contribution celebrating the return of James Gunn to Marvel. A happy Friday to you ALL!!🤗. . . . .

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On the road, doctor appointments with my oldest, working on my favorite Asgardian in waiting rooms today, man I hope the The Russo Brothers didn’t snap her away. . . . .

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