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Thank you Carrie.

Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia

Just read about Carrie Fisher. 2016 has been a very mixed bag. I’ve never met her but I’ve always enjoyed her sass and opinions. I really hope and pray that she recovers, I think her story has more pages and I’d like the chance to read more of it.


Garth Edwards and the whole Lucasfilm/Disney crew knocked it out of the park! Here’s my tiny contribution to the marketing machine for Rogue One. If you haven’t seen it? Go, just go! Hand made K-2SO for Topps/Lucasfilm

Saw Gerrera

Sooo, I here this new Star Wars something or other is pretty good? I guess I’ll make some time to go check it out, I mean, I drew sketch cards in support of it, so why not 😏

Chirutt Imwe

I’ve tried to stay away from spoilers but everything I’ve come across by accident report that Donnie Yen and Alan Tudyk kill it!! It’s a very good time for Star Wars fans. Rogue One sketch card made for Topps/Lucasfilm

Hope, rebellion, empires? Will continue to dream, fight and by the grace of God, keep evil in check. My favorite Disney princess made for Topps Masterworks series.

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And so it begins with a sneak peek. I’ve worked out the mechanics of the largest Star Wars piece I will have drawn to date, this is for round 2 of the Star Wars Celebration art show which will take place in Florida. Nervous but excited and it seems appropriate that I start it off with Master Yoda. I’ll drop more pics in as the larger piece starts to take shape, wish me luck 😊

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