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Lunch time doodling in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook. Still chipping away and adding details and complexity. Happy Friday to you all 😊

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Just running a quick test of my ifttt app, nothing to see here, move along 😉

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Just walking with the dead this morning, celebrating life.

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Well, if you gotta be in the office on Christmas Day? Not a bad office to be at. Hope your all having a wonderful Christmas.

Sprite catcher.

At the doctors today (nothing serious and not me) so I decided to sketch a Sprite/fairy catcher, once captured he sells them at the local markets so folks can light there homes. Another wip in my creature sketchbook.

And so it begins with a sneak peek. I’ve worked out the mechanics of the largest Star Wars piece I will have drawn to date, this is for round 2 of the Star Wars Celebration art show which will take place in Florida. Nervous but excited and it seems appropriate that I start it off with Master Yoda. I’ll drop more pics in as the larger piece starts to take shape, wish me luck 😊

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